Auguste Rodin, Gates of Hell. Midsection of the right door panel, showing the couple known as Fugit Amor. Photo Louis-Frederic.


Left: The Gates of Hell, c. 1880. Clay, 10" high. Auguste Rodin. Right: Sketch for the Gates, c. 1881. Pen-and-ink and pencil. Auguste Rodin.

Ugolino Holding a Child on His Lap, c. 1875-80. Pencil, pen and ink, ink wash, and white gouache. Auguste Rodin.

Seated Male Nude, c. 1880-1882. Pencil, pen and ink, and ink wash. Auguste Rodin.


Left: Mahomet, c. 1880. Pen and ink, and ink wash over pencil. Auguste Rodin. Right: Man, Seen in Profile, c. 1881. Drawing highlighted by gouache on gray paper. Auguste Rodin.

Above: Drawing by Carolyn Haydn of Rodin's sculpture The Three Shades.

Above: Carolyn Haydn and Philip working on their Rodin studies in class.

Above: Drawing by Wei Xiao.

Above: The students make relief studies in clay of Rodin's figure drawings.