Vertebral Column

         Please do a diptych dealing with the vertebral column. Each page should be at least 36" x 42" and be on Arches cover paper or the equivalent.

The first study should be a Leonardo-like investigation of the form and function -- the structure of the vertebral column -- using your hand to investigate these joinings, movements, segments, traversings over and around the form you are studying. It might be a single image filling the page or a Leonardo study sheet including the text which records your discovery (discoveries). Use the skeleton, or anatomy books.

The second study to be joined at the hip with the first is a study of the sensation of your own vertebral column -- this may be a tracing of the touch or sensation and not "look" like backbone or it may be the gestural travels of bending and twisting and how they might look. In study number two you have the option to work from a Leonardo study sheet of the vertebral column if the other is beyond your "grasp."

For those of you who have done the vertebral assignment before, you might prepare a surface to draw on first. This could mean any number of things: drawing on tree bark, putting a wash over wooden panels, overlaying images using photo transfer technique onto a sheet of Arches paper. The materials are up to you. This is a way of introducing materials and techniques into your investigation of anatomy.