For next week I would like you to buy or borrow Robert Beverly Hale's Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters. Read chapters three and four very carefully, as well as "Form and Visual Measurement" on the website. Copy the Cambiaso drawing below (it is on page 23 in the book), making it at least three times the size of the reproduction. You may use your cheap roll of paper. Use ink and wash as he did. Be aware of the quality of line. You may choose to grid both the reproduction (in 1" squares) and your paper (in 3" or 4" squares) to help your hand cut in the angles.

     We will soon begin what is called mass conception by Hale -- and this study will help immeasurably. I suggest you take a good look at this book. Hale was my teacher and also the curator for drawing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He knows his stuff! After reading about mass conception, you may also copy the Cambiaso on page 25. See how the idea is taken further. Look for the cross contour lines, the plane break, how light is used. Try to feel the fluidity of the mark. Think of the mark having speed or slowness, having gesture.

     Feel free to copy any other reproductions you feel helpful to your growth and bring them in with you -- although it is optional, it is certainly recommended.