Student drawing using the blind contour method.

3-1. Henri Matisse, Nude, Face Partly Showing, 1914. Lithograph. 19-3/4" x 12". New York, Museum of Modern Art. Frank Crowninshield Fund. Contour line endows this work with a suggestion of roundness and implies a complex sequence of forms with a remarkable economy of means.

3-2. Outline reduction of figure 3-1. Outline, by eliminating overlapping contours, deprives the viewer of a means of interpreting the sequence of forms in space.

3-65. Oval drawing constructs. (a) Intersection of two oval constructs. (b) Two oval constructs, similar to (a) but with most of the intersecting portions eliminated. The spatial order of the two constructs is suggested by overlapping on the left side, while the right side shows only outline.

3-66. Student drawing, oval constructs with contour and outline. Crayon on newsprint paper. 36" x 24".