Art 12 Course Description

      Leonardo da Vinci said:

      “To learn to draw is to learn to see”

       The following are assignments and handouts for Art 12 (The Language of Drawing) at UC Berkeley. The class is open to art majors and non-art majors alike. It is a study of drawing as a tool for articulating what the eyes, hand, and mind discover and investigate when coordinated. In order to truly see what we are looking at, we must connect the sense of touch directly with the line of sight. Everyone has wondered at the form of a shell shaped by the sea, or the shape of a stone smoothed by the waves. This class helps students to connect their feeling of wonder in nature to a sense of discovery as they draw - and ultimately - to a new sense of themselves.
       Class meets for six hours of instructional studio and three hours of open studio per week.

Course :
Art 12, section 001
The Language of Drawing
CCN 04924
3 units
Prerequisite : Art 8
MW 4-7pm
355 Kroeber Hall

Instructor :
Prof. Jane Rosen
310 Kroeber Hall
(510) 642-2582
Office hours : MW 12:30-1, 355 Kroeber Hall

Materials :
The Natural Way to Draw, Kimon Nicolaides (required)
Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters, Robert Beverly Hale (recommended)
Drawing materials