Final Project

     Please do an autobiographical drawing, working from a photograph that is closely cropped to your head. Begin by taking a dramatically lit black and white photograph; remember the four tones you used as a guide (top, side, base, undercut) in the drapery assignment. Make a color Xerox of the photo and grid it out as you did with the Cambiaso. Then begin with the intermediate tones (medium gray) using the side of your jumbo vine charcoal, a Kleenex and a Staedtler eraser. You may also use ink and a 2" varnish brush to lay in a middle tone. For this project, you will build the drawing the same way you did with the drapery -- begin loosely with the middle tones and gradually bring in more lights and darks. Work the entire page so that all parts are developed simultaneously like a Polaroid. Feel free to use text in your drawing, either handwritten or stencilled, to elucidate the autobiographical "nature" of the study.

     The aim here is to explore notions of composition and light while investigating questions of content and self. Remember that you do not need to have answers, but must begin honestly questioning with this language of drawing.

     This project builds on everything you have learned this semester. The drapery was necessary to learn how to compose and light the entire page. The old master assignment was largely a study in line quality, the Cambiaso in measuring angles and breaking in planes. You will need to observe yourself with the same sensitivity and objectivity as you did the shell. Even the "hands and feet" was an exercise in how to place and overlay images. All of these will guide you in this assignment if you pay attention.

     Work at least 36" x 42" and with no more than one color and black and white...exceptions allowed, see me. The larger you work, the easier it will be to stay loose. Students often work 5' or 6' tall on these projects.