Art 12

Course Information

•  Syllabus
•  Course Description
•  Materials List

Assignments and Handouts

•  Hands and feet using the blind contour method (pdf)
•  Explanation of contour by Berry
•  Blind contour self-study
•  Explanation of modified contour
•  Shell
•  Shell wash
•  Explanation of cross-section contour by Berry
•  Explanation of gesture
•  Animal gestures
•  Gesture as the movement of the whole form in space, or seeing through form
•  Explanation of form and visual measurement by Berry
•  Cambiaso
•  Drapery
•  How to bring the drapery up to finish
•  Position, direction and thrust, or turning circles
•  Old master study
•  Final project
hands bcself mc shell
shellwash finalproject gesture animal
seeingthroughform fandvm cambiaso drapery
draperyfinish turningcircles oldmaster finalproject