Art 118 Materials List

Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters by Robert Beverly Hale (required)*

18" x 24" or 24" x 36" newsprint pad*
18" x 24" or 24" x 36" Masonite drawing board with clips*
3 sheets no smaller than 36" x 42" of Arches cover buff paper, also available in a 42" x 10 yards roll which can be split between two people. Rolls can be purchased at Utrecht. Alternatives: En Tout Cas, Stonehenge, or Folio paper. Do NOT buy watercolor paper.
5 sheets or a roll of inexpensive drawing paper (i.e., butcher paper)*

Dry Materials
1/2" x 6" jumbo vine charcoal (medium)*
3/16" x 6" thin vine charcoal (medium)*
Compressed charcoal sticks (soft)
Compressed charcoal pencils (soft and medium) 632-T and 633-T*
Staedtler plastic eraser*
White pastel pencil
A few sticks of pastel (Nupastel): white, black and another color

Wet Materials
Pelikan or Higgins black ink and a colored ink (sienna, blue, yellow ochre)*
Casein paint (white, yellow ochre), which comes in jars (Plaka) or tubes (Shiva)
2" varnish brush (the cheap kind, NOT the kind with plastic bristles for acrylic paint)*
Bamboo brush
9451 Speedball pen holder
9401 (101) imperial pen nibs (buy a few to sample)
9406 (56) pen point
Water-soluble pencil
Cups for water*


A box of metal pushpins*